Consumers are better informed than ever before about the contents of the products they purchase. That is why we have made a special effort to create a line of high quality, naturally derived products that can replace traditional synthetically derived additives without compromising flavor, texture or lifespan.

Our product line


MP-200G, one of our flagship offerings, is an ultra fine potato derived flour which has a diverse range of uses:

As a culture medium starter MP-200G can be used to enhance the yield and opacity of hard cheese products. MP-200G, a secondary culture adjunct contains elements ingredients which support lactic acid culture growth which works in synergy with a primary culture adjunct. It also lowers the inoculum levels in starter media and this synergy, coupled with its pre-biotic properties can also significantly reduce the production time needed as a result of its ability to expedite culture growth.

MP-200G can also be used as a substitute for fat and as a binder ingredient or emulsifier. These qualities make it a popular choice for both in ice cream production. The emulsifying qualities help to create the rich, smooth, well-blended texture of premium ice creams while the ability to be used as a fat substitute is used to create healthier ice cream products.

Bread production also frequently makes use of MP-200G as it aids in preserving freshness and increasing shelf life by as much as 2 days in most cases. In addition to its ability to extend the lifespan of food, MP-200G is also used extensively in cakes, cookies and many other products that requires effective prolonged moisture retention such as processed dog food.


KVX-1 is a cultured vegetable extract which acts as a natural flavor enhancer with a broth-like effect. It is primarily employed to enhance strong savory flavor notes. KVX-1 contains ingredients like potato, tomato, onion, pinto beans, potassium chloride, Maltodextrin and natural flavor extracts.


KVX-11 has a strong, natural potato flavor and finds applications in food items like vegetable stock and broth to add a nice juicy flavor and aroma. It’s strong ‘Umami’ tones makes KVX-11 an ideal natural replacement for foods that use Monosodium glutamate (MSG) additives as it contains far less sodium, making it a healthier alternative.

KVX-11 is a popular additive in many foods that require a strong, bold flavor profile and is used to improve the flavor of aged cheeses, beef and rotisserie chicken or other meats.It is also employed in the production of peanut butter, cheese crackers, marinades and salad dressings to enhance and complement their flavors.

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